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Daily Star (UK) April 8, 2007 BOE AND HARROW by CIARAN HANNAH This is the moment Doctor Who discovers he's not the only Time Lord left in the galaxy - a clear hint that his nemesis The Master is on the loose. His old pal The Face of Boe pops up with a chilling warning for the shocked time traveller, played by David Tennant, in Saturday's episode. The Doctor thinks he is the only Time Lord left alive after the mighty war against the Daleks. But he comes face to face with Boe when he takes his new companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) back to New Earth in an episode called Gridlock. And the creature - who is dying - delivers a special message to the Doc. He tells him: "I give you my last message. I am the last of my kind. As you are the last of yours, Doctor. I must go now. But know this, Time Lord. . . you are not alone." The Doctor is left stunned by the revelation that he is "not alone'' and dismisses it, saying: "I am the last of the Time Lords. There is no one else. "There was a time war and we lost. So everyone is all gone now." However, as the series reaches its climax, viewers will discover the Face of Boe's warning was spot-on. The Doc comes face to face with Mr Saxon (John Simm), the new Prime Minister. But rumours are rife that the mysterious Mr Saxon is none other than the Doc's deadliest foe and renegade Time Lord - The Master.